Bisweswar Ghosh and Majid Poshtan

Keywords: Magnetic scale inhibition, scale deposition, flow studies, crystal morphology.

Abstract: Kinetics of calcite scale deposition under the influence of magnetic field is reported in this article. The reduced deposition rate is believed to depend on many parameters. In this part of study the effect of flow rate, residence time of flowing fluid and scale forming ions under magnetic field and material of construction of tube were considered. Dynamic pressure build up in the flow loop indicated narrowing of effective tube diameter due to scale deposition. It is evident that longer residence time of scaling ions within magnetic field has higher scale inhibition effect. Fluid flow rate and magnetic hysteresis also affect the scale deposition rate. Scale formed under optimum magnetic coverage is exclusively aragonite scales whereas at weaker magnetic coverage yielded predominantly calcite scales. Comparison of flow study under identical condition shows that inhibition effect is better in electrically conductive copper tube than non-conductive plastic tube. The study concludes that magnetic scale inhibition is a feasible solution for calcite scaling problem. Magnetic flux density, magnetic permeability of the tube’s material, exposure time, charge density of the dipoles and flow rates are some of the essential parameters need optimization based on the application.

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